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Zero Tolerance

In our daily lives it behooves us to react to incidents with a good measure of common sense.  If we overreact to every incident, we will be constantly creating problems. 

Zero tolerance rules as applied in our schools today defy common sense.  When we refuse to see the difference between an aspirin and crack cocaine, or a BB gun and a 12 gauge shotgun we are creating problems, not solving them. 

Zero tolerance rules can be applied totally without thought.  But, our objective should be to do the best for our children, not to relieve school administrators of any requirement to think.

Recently a preteen boy wandered onto school grounds after school hours with a BB gun.  No one believes that he intended any harm.  He was meeting two other boys to target shoot in a nearby stream.  The school principal saw him and reported the incident.  The boy was suspended from school for 10 days. A hearing was held to determine whether he should be expelled from school for a year.  Thankfully, he was not expelled.

Where was the common sense of the adults involved?