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June/October 2017 Reader's Letter  -->


This site formerly supported Bill Conner for Congress. 

With the last campaign over, it remains to promote initiatives and issues.

I do not update the information often, so some is outdated.

  In most cases, the topic is still pertinent to the current time.

Proposed New Initiatives

 Ending Gerrymandering by Ohio Constitutional Amendment -->

Health Care Reform by Ohio Constitutional Amendment  -->

$10 per Credit Hour College Courses (Federal Program) -->

Comprehensive Computer Aided Education K-12  -->

Sign the MoveOn.org petition for Universal Health Care


Critical Issues and Solutions

End Corporate Control of Congress, Restore Democracy

Health Care for Everyone at Much Lower Cost

Bank Regulation - Prevent Another Financial Collapse

Economy and Jobs

Secure Social Security - Raise the Wage Cap to $250,000

Promote Green Energy and Achieve Energy Independence

Immigration - Everyone Must be Registered

War on Terror 

Laws Should be Short, Concise, and Clear


Organized Constituent Services

Read Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders positions on national problems and the needed solutions


 More than 30 Other Issues and Solutions

The Middle Class, Jobs, and the Deficit - Past and Future


My Speeches at Xenia Tea Party Forum 10/13/16  For Hillary  For Ted Strickland  For Rob Klepinger





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