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Global warming is real.                                                                     
The Republican objective is short term profit for their friends.  Techniques include deceptive PR.  Laws which have allowed increased pollution have been given names (Clean, Clear, ...)which implied more stringent standards.  Bush refused to cooperate with international environmental efforts (refusing to sign the Kyoto Agreement) and has publicly stated that he doubts that global warming is real. 

We must work with the rest of the world to reduce pollution and global warming.

I think that we should be good stewards of our environment, but we must balance our environmental obligations with our needs. I wouldn't stop a needed hydro-electric dam to preserve the habitat of the snail darter. I will favor clean air and clean water measures at a cost to corporate profits. The federal government should fund basic research into pollution reduction methods. We should preserve our national forests, but that doesn't necessarily mean that we leave them alone entirely. Some forest management may make sense.

We should cooperate with international pollution reduction efforts. 

We must have thoughtful well planned programs not driven either by profit at all cost, or extreme conservatism.