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The Republican controlled United States House of Representatives and the Congressman from the Ohio 10th District  represent special interests, extreme ideology, and political opportunism.  They do not represent the interests of the people.  While our citizens suffered from the lingering effects of the financial collapse of 2008, the Republicans of the House wasted time on political tantrums.  They closed down the government, threatened national default, and wasted time with 50 dead end votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  Their objective has been political theater and to do what they can to delay our economic recovery so they can blame a poor economy on President Obama.  Our Congressman, Mike Turner, one of the most extreme Republicans, voted to keep the government shut down even in the last vote which finally reopened it.  He takes donations from special interests and works for them, not for you.

I will not accept PAC or other special interest campaign donations.  I'll work for you.  I will work with all responsible individuals and groups to solve problems and develop new programs to build a better future for our nation.  See my positions on the issues and proposed new initiatives below.  And, let me know your ideas.         Bill


William R. (Bill) Conner

Major, USAF Retired
(Enlisted to NCO to Commissioned Officer)
BS, MS, Aero Engineering Purdue
Perfect Score (800) Graduate Record Exam

Math Reasoning
Engineering and Management Software Developer

 Statement of Qualifications


Meet Bill


Campaign Materials


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Critical Issues and Solutions

End Corporate Control of Congress, Restore Democracy

Health Care for Everyone at Much Lower Cost

Bank Regulation - Prevent Another Financial Collapse

Economy and Jobs

Secure Social Security - Raise the Wage Cap to $250,000

Promote Green Energy and Achieve Energy Independence

Immigration - Everyone Must be Registered

War on Terror 

Laws Should be Short, Concise, and Clear


Proposed New Initiatives

$10 per Credit Hour College Courses

Comprehensive Computer Aided Education K-12

Organized Constituent Services

Read Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders positions on national problems and the needed solutions


 More than 30 Other Issues and Solutions

The Middle Class, Jobs, and the Deficit - Past and Future




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